In this article, I will show you the reasons why to know carpentry is a luck of everyone.

  1. Enjoy the hobbies and career opportunities

When you do some products by yourself, the feeling is more interested than hiding someone else to do. The experience of making the table or chair by yourself is very excited. Most of people tend to enjoy the process than results because sometimes the results are not good as expected.

You will not know in advance what opportunity may come to you. When we experience a new job, then certainly we will have more knowledge and new ideas about this new job. Some people have their own business before becoming a carpenter. The idea may start from the first impact driver I bought to make the shelves when I change to new home. So far, it still is the best impact driver ever of mine. Many other people also start the carpentry industry just for fun at the beginning and suddenly become serious with this industry by somehow.

  1. Save cost

Instead of hiring a professional worker to do, buying machines and raw materials and making it by yourself is a saver method. People usually take an advantage of their free time to make the wood products so the cost will be lower than hiring a professional worker. Another things is that sometimes we are no need to waste money to hire professional worker to make many simple things that we can do easily. 

  1. The situation require to become a carpenter

Sometimes even when we spend money to hire a professional worker to make some wood products but it is too small or our idea is too hard to do so they refuse. Therefore, instead of spending more money to hire someone, we can spend this money to buy all preparation materials and do it by ourselves. You can use the machines to do whatever you want.

  1. Save more time

Most of people spend their weekend to do so why you do not take advantage of your free time to do whenever you want? For example, one of my colleges, he will take an advantage of lunch time to run back his home because he wants to finish the surface of his wooden table. It is an efficiency way to save time, isn’t it?

  1. Improve the health and avoid wastage of money.

Most of men often go drinking or go to coffee shop because they do not know how to spend their free time. But the situation will be different when they have machines and tools. They will find some jobs to do such as repainting the door, making a chair or a shelf for their baby or themselves or drilling a hole to hang some clothes. These small jobs seem too simple but it is the reason for them to reject parties. Therefore, their health will be enhanced because of more actions and less alcohol.

  1. Raise the value of yourself

Men who know how to care for his home are the ideal men for the family and the firm believed men for all wives. If any husband buys old machines to home, his wife will complain and ask some questions like why you take this scrap to home? But when the husband makes a beautiful shelf for cosmetics, the wife will be very happy to support the husband right away. If you have machines and tools available at home, I am sure that you are hardly to sit at a certain place because I always find some interesting things to do to prevent wasting time and money. Young men usually want to make a chair for their mother, a bookshelf for their little sisters. Husband can make a shelf for pots and pans for their wife or a rocking chair for their daughter. Your family is definitely a happy home.

  1. Teach the children

Most of children love to play with wood. In oversea, foreign parents usually allow the children to engage in this job. But in some Asian countries, the parents afraid that their children will be hurt so they do not allowed their children to play with wood. However, it is not a big problem. In order to let the children understand the value of labor as well as family cohesion, parents should instruct the children assist

There are some difficult things or barriers when being a carpenter

  1. Do not like to become a carpenter. This opinion belongs to the personal view so I will not discuss about this.
  2. Do not have enough money to buy machines and tools. You should not be worried about this at all. When I started, I just had only 30$ to buy an impact driver. Now, I have all types of machines and tools. You just need to buy one by one. It will stimulate your passion slowly as well as equal your financial. If you have money, you can buy new and modest machines. If you do not have enough money, you can buy old machines.
  3. There is no space to do. It is just a small difficulty. I used to take advantage of balcony area in my apartment with area of only 2 x 2 m to do. One of my student mates, he occupied the restroom of his apartment to do. In addition, some people do their wood products in the garden, balcony or even on the terrace… All you need now is just an effort.
  4. The relatives do not support for your passion. This is difficult matter for all carpenters. However, you can tell them about your passion and enthusiasm with the carpentry industry. Then, you can make some small wood products as the gifts for them. I believe that with your faith, they will understand and support you on the way you choose. Wish you successful.

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